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Our mission at QClub is to build a better future for our communities by strengthening the bond between small businesses and the people living in their neighbourhoods.

We realized that during Covid, it was only the large companies that were prepared to deal with this challenge. Many smaller businesses were the most impacted by that.

QClub is designed to give smaller businesses the tools and flexibility to compete with the larger, well known brands. We also believe that it is imperative to support the communities these businesses are a part of, so we are committed to positively supporting to community organizations.

We think that our success comes when there is a win-win-win. This means small businesses have an effective tool, locals have a reason to visit stores they may not have known about and collectively the community benefits.

People want to support their communities and things they feel good about. This is where we can connect communities, Neighbours helping Neighbours.

Our goal is to help build healthy communities. This includes thriving small businesses, engaged customers happily supporting these stores and in turn, showing support for community-based organizations. It's all about community.

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